Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to School Shopping

I hate buying thing before I go back to school because I can never tell if it's something that other people are wearing (it's super trendy here) vs. something I think is super nifty. I go to a pretty conservative campus, people usually wear jeans and a tee or gym clothes to class. Due to super sales and some necessities, I got a couple staples to spice up my wardrobe and keep my style casual but still very me.

I picked up a couple of button downs from Old Navy for some fun! I love them with skinny jeans and flats for class or buttoned low with heels for date night. My female professors always love it when I wear button downs to office hours. One told me that I looked very professional.

Simple Oxfords

Plaid Shirt

I love striped shirts with colorful flats for those colder days on campus. I own a ton of navy, red and white striped shirts but a grey one was needed for my collection.

Perfect Striped Tee

I got this Coral and Cream top for some late summer fun. It will also look adorable paired with a cardigan in the winter with some boots.

Unfortunately, this top sold out a couple of days ago.
I picked up my version of a peplum top. A little more drapey and a lot more canvas for a statement necklace.

Taylor's Version of a Peplum

I might pick up a couple more plain tees once the weather gets a little colder but for now, these purchases combine with my wardrobe to make this fall outfits a little better in State College. 

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