Monday, September 23, 2013

Engineering, Harvests and Career Week

I love being an engineer. I want to use my brain for the greater good in the world and being an engineer is the best way for me to use my talents to improve life for everyone. That being said, being an engineering student is a struggle. I constantly have to like structure my day so that I can get 6-7 hours of sleep every night and also get all of my work done everyday. I follow a modified version of the G4.0 system, that I talked about in a previous post briefly. I take notes on reading, notes in class, notes on my in class notes, go to office hours, correct my homework and exams as well as make time for study groups and tutoring when anyone needs help with chemistry. I also work about 10 hours a week in the computer labs on campus, mentor young women engineers and hold the treasurer office in one of my favorite organizations. All of this leaves me pretty tired during the week, but I also try to make sure that I work to maintain the friendships that I have with people that I love. I schedule in lunch dates, cupcake baking sessions and movie times for my lovely friends as well as attend their campus organization's shows and performances.

Every time that my overwhelming schedule gets me down, I think about how much fun  I will have in my full time job and how much fun all of the engineers I have met love their profession. Career Week was last week on campus and talking to the recruiters made me remember how much I love being an engineer. It was a perfectly placed interlude. Almost four weeks into the semester right before when most people hit their first set of midterms, career week reminds me that there is a bright future for me in the world. I can do so much with my industrial engineering degree and help to improve processes that can change the world. Everything can be optimized to some degree and small changes over time can lead to a huge impact. This fall is a huge semester for me, starting my major classes and really getting into leadership on campus. It's important to keep myself motivated when I have big plans in my future.

This Sunday was the First Day of Fall! A time for new harvests and a celebration of what hard work can provide for the people of this earth. I read this quote and it struck me very poignantly. So much so that I made a little instagram graphic post about it to encourage my fellow friends in the same boat as me. Everything we do has a purpose and we need to remember that even when the activity or something not fun is on your to-do list for the week.

Have a happy Monday!

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