Thursday, October 24, 2013

Busy Bee, That's Me!

The days of free time are sadly over. I really have been studying, planning FRC for my NSBE chapter and trying to enjoy time with the people I never get to see. It's been super hectic and crazy but I love being and I would hate to have it any other way. I aced both of my exams and I have been really on top of my school game, which is such a good feeling. Life is so good. Recently, I have been studying for my IE 322 class, basically IE Statistics. I have to write a post on my classes after the semester ends! It's only got 7 weeks left :O

 After a toga party(crossing that off my bucket list) and lots of study group plans, this weekend will be bomb-diggity-awesome!

Here are some snaps of my life recently! Follow me on Instagram at @tayy_lacey to see more :] 
Penn State lives with the engineers ;]

This is a typical outfit for me on a rainy day. Converses are so classic and fun.

When I go home for lunch, I eat well. I also snuck a little reading in there too!

Scrunching next to my shorties! All of my friends are so tiny but I love them dearly.

Fuzzy socks make legs look so hot!

I love how all the books are journals specially bound for our school. 

They look so neat! I want to do this for my own library one day :]

Canning for the cure with my women engineers was a ton of fun!

Starbucks, stripe and stairs for the win.

Milk tastes better out of tiny glasses. Cheers to freshly baked cookies! 
Statement Necklaces and Sweaters make cold bearable. IT HAILED TODAY!

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