Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekend One of Horrors

In State College or any college town really, Halloween weekend is a way for everyone to wear a cute costume, talk to the busiest of friends and have a really good time. Since Halloween fell between two weeks, most people celebrate the holiday twice. Last weekend, I was a greek goddess for a toga party and a cowgirl for the second night. It was a ton of fun, seeing all of my close friends and having my oldest friends meet some of my new friends like JF and JM.

I really like homemade costumes for these types of events. When in doubt, I throw on some simple things and add a ton of accessories to make a one of a kind costume.

The back of my greek goddess costume was super awesome, due to SK.

This boy is JF and he had the most awesome giraffe sunglasses. I love giraffes :] 

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