Friday, December 27, 2013

101 in 1001 Days

1. Ride a motorcycle.
Learn to drive an SUV. (Drove to Michigan for work in an SUV - it was fun!)
3. Learn to ride a unicycle.
4.Make a knitted infinity scarf. (in Progress: Start)
5.Make a circle skirt with pockets.
6. Reline an winter coat.
7.Learn how to make vintage dresses- especially fit and flare.
 Buy a classic handbag that will last me for years. (Longchamp in Bilberry Purple - March 2014)
Buy a classic pump that will last me for years. (Pointed toe three inch grey heels from Nordstrom Rack are perfect for this!)
Learn to dance better, with a partner or without. (Dance 261 and Dance 262 - Beginning Modern Dance classes at Penn State)
 Eat vegan for a week. (April 2015)
Eat organic for a week. (July 2015)
13. Learn how to cook Thai food.
Learn how to cook Indian food. (I can make a yellow curry and tikka masala)
Travel to a foreign country in Europe. (Italy and Austria for work - March 2015)
Travel to a foreign country in Asia. (Shanghai in June with my Senior Project Group)
Travel to at least 7 states. (West Virginia - February 1st, 2014, Tennessee - March 2015, New York - March 2014, Massachusetts - January 2014 and Summer 2014, Rhode Island - July 2014, Connecticut- Summer 2014, and Texas - Summer 2014)
18. Go back to Canada, at least once.
Have a reunion with my high school friends. (May 2015)
 Spend more time with freshman year friends. (Living together 2014-2015 School Year!)
 Do more in National Society of Black Engineers, like run for a regional or national position. (Ran for End zone Coordinator in March 2014 - did not win but great experience! and 2014 -2015 President of Penn State University Chapter )
 Volunteer more with young African-American children, at least once. (NSBE A Walk for Education in Pittsburgh 2014 and most likely Pittsburgh 2015)
23. Visit my maternal grandmother's tomb stone.
Visit my paternal grandmother again in Florida.(Thanksgiving 2015)
25. Attend a bowl game, college or maybe even professional.
 Learn to make a proper spot of tea. (2 Chinese Tea Ceremonies)
27. Make cronuts.
 Learn to make my own bread. (Done)
29. Learn to make my own bagels.
30. Trapeze.
31. Bungee Jump.
32. Sky Dive.
33. Drive a really nice car, like a Porsche, for a little while.
34. Dance in the rain with someone I love.
Have little dates with the young ones in my family. (New Year's Eve was the best time ever!)
36. Knit someone I love a sweater.
Move into my first big girl apartment. (June 2015 in Louisville, KY)
38. Buy my first piece of adult furniture.
Invest in a Le Creuset. (She's navy!)
40. Learn to make real Christmas cookies, with the cookie cutters.
41. Make a gingerbread house.
 Eat meat in another country. (Italy - March 2015)
Ride in a boat. (Lake Powell - August 2015)
44. Learn how to sail, from someone knowledgeable.
45. Understand the difference between starboard, port and all the jazz.
46. Take a self defense class.
47. Learn to use a taser properly.
Learn to shoot a gun. – PA in July 2016
49. Give a lecture at my old high school about my times in college. (Wrote an essay for incoming students about my experiences in high school and college because I could not get there to speak!)
50.Buy something unforgettable at a flea market. (Artisan Salt from The Filling Station in Union Square Park.)
51. Run a 5K.
52. Run a half-marathon.
53. Run a marathon.
54. Host Thanksgiving for the people I love.
Find a really fun apron for cooking. (Anthropologie has the best aprons!)
56. Pay as much debt as possible each month after I graduate. –
57. Get a Swedish massage. (Bought a groupon for this in Detroit - so excited)
58. Go to a blow dry bar.
59. Get a facial.
Grow out my natural hair. 
Go apple picking (Done)
 Go pumpkin picking. (Done)
Go to a wine festival. (Israeli Wine at Penn State - April 2015)
. Go to a street fair.(Arts Fest in State College in July 2014)
Visit San Francisco, California. – Done September 2016
66. Take a  horseback riding lesson.
67. Join a CSA for half a year.
 Speak intermediate Spanish. (Yo hablo espanol.)
Enter a photography contest.  (Entered some Instagram photos for Anthropologie's photo feed.)
70. Watch all the Star Wars movies  (3 max per a day).
Watch a whole series - like Gossip Girl - in a week. (Drop Dead Diva is addicting!)
72. Play poker in Vegas.
Complete an act of kindness for someone in need.
Start investing in stock. (401K, baby!)
Only use reusable bags for a month everywhere.
76. Climb a mountain.
77. Go camping for a weekend.
78. Have real picnic in the park.
See Shakespeare in the Park. (Saw Shakespeare on the Common in Boston - twice)
Keep a plant alive for more than one week. (A basil plant that lasted two weeks)
81. Do a 30 day photo challenge.
Visit 5 new cities. (Boston, Providence, Dallas, Detroit and Anaheim)
83. Go to a ballet. (Moscow Festival Ballet at Penn State in March 2014)
Go to the opera. (Awesome Time!)
Go to three museums.(3/3 - Museum of  Natural History in March 2014Musuem of Fine Arts in July 2014Institute of Contemporary Art- July 2014)
86. Visit the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
87. Join a book club for three months.
88. Make homemade marshmallows.
89. Bottle my own wine.
Find my perfect shade of lipstick. (Nude, Red)
Find a beauty routine that works. (Body Shop Tree Tea Oil Line, BB Cream and drink lots of water. I also make it a point to pluck my brows at least once a week and do a mask once a month!)
Fly first class. – Done January 2016
93. Learn how to use Photoshop.
94. Get the tattoo I've always wanted.
Eat dessert first at a restaurant. (Pho 11 - April 2015)
 Show three not so close friends my blog. (They loved it - why was I scared?!)
Buy a special print for my big girl apartment. (Cannot wait to post these!)
98. Donate blood again.
99. Take a road trip with my college best friends.
100. Attend a show or party at New York Fashion Week.
Wear red lipstick for a day- that means not wiping it off after 15 minutes.  (Done)
These are my 101 things to do. I'm really excited to try and cross some of the things off my list. I've already told some people about it and they want to help me get through this list! Starting January 1st, it's on!

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  1. I make lists like this but somewhat less ambitious lol more day to day stuff