Monday, March 10, 2014

Internship Clothing Buys

Whenever I have an internship, I try to invest in some clothing that will be useful to me after my graduation. After my freshman year, I bought a lot of dress pants and dresses for work. Last year, I got a beautiful brown satchel and a couple of nice pieces of jewelry. This year, I have some things that I will need for senior year and beyond. This is my current must have list:

Lo and Sons O.M.G. Bag. I love this bag for it's multiple pockets, nylon material and show compartment. I travel a lot for conferences and interviews and a good bag is crucial to traveling comfortably. I would get it in black/black.
Abercrombie Jeans  I love Abercrombie Jeans because they fit my body perfectly ( I'm long and lanky) and they always are long enough for my legs. I don''t have many higher rise jeans and I think they are a good investment for work.

ASOS Dresses
 I love fit and flare dresses on my body. I wanted to get a couple more to round out my wardrobe. They look great with a blazer and flats or heels and sweater. Versatility is at a maximum with a fit and flare!

Kate Spade Lacey Wallet  I love this wallet because it has lots of pockets, slots and it is adorable. It also matches with brown and black because it's so bright. I also love love love the bow. 

J Crew Bow Flats  I love these shoes. The print, the pointed toe, the bow, everything about them is perfection. I have to get these!

J Crew Suit in Super 120s in Navy
. I want to invest in a good suit that will last me a the next couple of years. I will be interviewing, giving presentations and going to conferences and a good suit is crucial to making a perfect first impression. Navy is also a color that can go with black or brown so it will be perfect will all the shoes I own. 


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