Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stromae- Album Review

I love love love music. It's something that my dad and I have bonded over for years. I recently got into listening to Stromae from KN when I was in the city during spring break. His name is a play on Maestro and I love that! I also like that he makes his songs about real topics when I read the translations. I love his beats and even though the music is all in French, it's awesome! My friends think it's a little weird to listen to music not in English but I think it's easier to learn languages when you listen to everything in that language.I'm actually teaching myself French and Spanish. (It also doesn't hurt that he's adorable and Belgian and wears bow ties.)

Back to the music, I really think that his albums are something that everyone should listen to at least once. Even if you don't like it, it's really fun to listen to music in French. Here's the link to the songs on his newest album.  Below is a list of the songs on his newest album Racine Carree and what I think they are best suited for in your daily life.

Best Suited For

1."Ta fête"  Dancing at the stop light

2."Papaoutai"   Dancing around my room

3."Bâtard"  Walking to class in the sun

4."Ave cesaria"  
Dancing around my apartment

5."Tous les mêmes"  Getting ready before class

6."Formidable"  Sitting on the bus, waiting 

7."Moules frites"  Studying in the library

8."Carmen"  Getting ready for a night out 

9."Humain à l'eau"  Feeling a little sassy

10."Quand c'est?"  Picking out clothes for the day

11."Sommeil"  Driving around State College

12."Merci"  Painting my nails 

13."Avf"  Running in the gym!

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