Friday, May 30, 2014

Dress: Two Ways

I got this Old Navy Dress for a steal of $16. I love how flowy it is, the color scheme, the length, the fabric, basically everything about this dress is perfection. I find it being the piece I gravitate towards when I have something to do while I have been home.  Here are two ways I have rocked this dress. 

The first time I wore this dress with a cork clutch, tan heels and a cobalt blue sweater for my sister's academic awards. She's the best writer in her English class! Isn't she awesome? Go JL!
The second time I wore this dress with simple sandals, a Longchamp full of amusement and a smile to see my best friend! It was hot and muggy that day before it rained and it was the best thing to have on because it flows in an opportune breeze. 
I totally suggest checking out Old Navy for affordable summer dresses and shorts. I have stuff from Old Navy that has lasted a long time despite the fact that I am pretty rough on my clothes, wearing them all the time ;)

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