Friday, May 9, 2014

Graduation Dresses - Class of 2014

For graduation, a woman should look and feel her best. You are celebrating years of hard work in academia and should feel like a rockstar. Some of the nicest people in my organization are graduating and I'm so excited that they are moving on to do great things. One of my friends got a architectural engineering job in NYC! Another will be working in D.C. at a full time job, and my favorite is moving to California to finish his master's in dance. Congrats, Class of 2014!  

Here are some of my picks for fun graduation dresses under $100. I love color, especially school colors or something that makes you happy. I also love pattern in a small doses - nothing too garish or bold. I mainly like to tell my friends who snapchat and text me pictures of potential dresses - pick something you know is classic and fits your personality. These pictures and memories last a lifetime - or it seems that way when they are up on your childhood home walls. 

Graduation Dresses
See links to the dresses here: Graduation Dresses

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