Thursday, May 15, 2014

Interior Design: Teal

Even though pink is my favorite color, I love teal accents in homes. Teal is such a calming color but it is also super vibrant. It matches white, brown, black, basically everything? If I don't own it in pink or navy, I own it in teal :] Here are some teal pops in homes that I loved this week. 

That chair *insert heart eye emoji here*
It's so classy and light and perfect to get ready in/plan my day
- if I had a walk in closet or an office, I would want it like this. 
Perfect. Blue, green, teal, yellow. Can't be more fun. Also that vintage feel... yes!

I love books - those bookshelves are perfection. 
Sky high, teal and so much room to stack things.
A hoarder's dream.
It's not hoarding books, it's curating the shelves.

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