Monday, May 26, 2014

One Book A Month

At NSBE conference this year, Young Guru said "If you read a book a month, you will become an expert in your field by the time you graduate." I've really taken this to heart and bought some books in areas I might want to work in or am interested in. So far, I dove in my Project Management book and I love it! I am highlighting, sticky flagging and taking notes all over it. I see so many applications in real life and I swear I am annoying my friends with "OMG. This is just like in my project management book..."

 It's so important to educate yourself but it's even more important to keep current in your area of study. I highly recommend it to everyone. I even got my HR manager to start reading more books in things he is interested in. I'm really gonna keep to this for the next 6 months and do an update on my progress. Enjoy your reading if you also take the challenge!

P.S. Happy Memorial Day! I'm so thankful for our military; a lot of my family has been in it even both my parents for a time. Stay safe!

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