Monday, June 16, 2014

A Prideful Yet Relaxed Weekend

This weekend my company walked in the Boston pride parade.  We basically threw bags of chips at everyone in the crowd and they loved it. It was super fun seeing all of my coworkers with their families in a casual environment. Of course my girl Lili  was there and we had a great time! 

After the parade, we walked around Boston. We first ended up back over by the North End and we love it over there. We found this little park in the middle of all these buildings and halls and sat there for a nice long time. I got to start my book and Lili took a nap. I also got to wear my Jacks a little bit more which was awesome. 

After a nice rest, we went and walked back over by the aquarium where we were last week. We went further to the east of the Aquarium and found a lot of cool things. A dolphin statue and metal statue really caught my eye. 

We walked further away from the North End and more towards the Financial District. We found a nice little park that we sat in for a bit. It had a Life is Good station for you to charge your phone and umbrella tables.  

Then, from there we walked further into the Financial District and found Chinatown. 

From Chinatown, we past the theatre district and we went to Boston Common and had a great time looking at all of the structures, statues and plants in the park. It's probably my favorite place in Boston when it's sunny and the worst when it's rainy. Beware it's about to be picture overload but it was gorgeous there. 

After all this walking, we walked along Newbury Street. We actually ended up exactly where we got off the T in the morning! We got back on the T and went home. Overall it was a perfect Saturday full of parks, reading, sun and flowers. 

On Sunday, I ventured back in to Boston. I hung out in Boston Common/Public Garden by myself. I laid half in the shade, half in the sun for a couple hours. Got a nice little leg tan. I had packed lunch (tuna, crackers, an apple and two drinks because I am forever thirsty) and ate that under a big tree. It's so gorgeous there! There were so many people out today! Then, I took a little nap (it was more like an hour) and walked around the common some more. The ducks are hilarious. 

After I woke up, I walked up Newbury Street. I had to stop at my favorite cupcake place Georgetown Cupcake. I picked up two cupcakes: a salted caramel and a vanilla birthday. Yum yum yum. Then, I needed a little caffeine to make it through the day. I was looking for Starbucks and yet I ended up in Anthropologie... I got a couple more little Latte Bowls because they are perfect for dips, ice cream and even rings. I've got a post coming up about them for y'all. I also got signed up for their customer program that gets me two free shipping passes online and 15% off any purchase during my birthday month. Sign up here at :)

 After I got sidetracked, I went back to Starbucks and sat myself down at the Boston Public Library to recoup and rest after all this walking. After a break in the air conditioned library, I went back to the Common to read more and eat my cupcakes. 

I caught another nap and woke up to find the ducks looking for bread near my blanket. 

 I went home on the T, drove to Trader Joes for groceries (cheapest fresh produce and great flowers) and watched a documentary before bed. I love Boston filled weekends. 

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