Friday, June 6, 2014

Most of this is food or selfies.

It was crazy how the past two weeks have flown by! I don't have too much glamorous or fun photos because of my crazy schedule but I wanted to share some of the fun I've had over the past two weeks.

I love when things match perfectly! The shoes and the dots are a perfect match.
Indian food from Masala is the bomb!
I'm obsessed with my remix of this dress. I added a ribbon from Abercrombie and voila!
I love lobster and avocado toast. I almost died while eating this. Favorite meal ever.
Preordered my baby to ship to me the 28th of June. I can't wait to use this Jumbo Lilly Planner.
Fish Tacos are the bomb. The sauce on top should be bottled for sale. 
First day of my internship ready with a protein smoothie and pops of red.
Steel Toed Skechers covered in flour with my fun socks. The team members love my socks.

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