Monday, June 23, 2014

New Friends and New Beginnings

This week, we got paid from our internship. I might have raided the Old Navy and J Crew sale sections. (Hello Blazers, boots and scalloped sweaters...I buy winter stuff in the summer for such good prices. The tortoise wins the race...) While I wait for my pretties,  I had a lovely weekend of light shopping and lots of interesting conversation.

On Saturday, Lili and I ventured into Boston but with a twist. One of her friends from New Hampshire joined us. He's a nice guy. Engineer, loves golf and likes to shop. Basically, he's our new male best friend. We spent the day together starting on the Common. It was nice to hear blue grass music and drink coffee. After several long conversations, we headed to eat at a Thai Place in Chinatown. OMG this place was amazing. Very hole in the walk but I enjoyed my meal and would for sure go back. It's called My Thai Vegan Cafe. I got the Lemongrass Chicken and a coconut bubble tea with no bubbles.

After Thai, we walked around and went to stores on Newbury Street. It was fun introducing both Lili and Jeff to the cool stores there. We went to Anthropologie... But I was really good and only got a cute salad dressing container and a mug. (my mug I brought is being used as a fly trap. -.-)We got my favorite Georgetown Cupcakes and went back to the Common. We sat and chatted for so long. I live hearing different opinions and life experiences. 

Then, I headed home to practice my French with the family I live with. I'm still terrible but getting better! Bonjour! 

On Sunday, I headed in to read and do my thang. I love my me time and Boston Common is the perfect place to be with people but be by myself. So I got set up, and started to read. 

After I got hot and needed a break, I headed to Nordstrom Rack and found the perfect pair of Nikes. At 25% off, I got a very good deal. I stopped at Georgetown Cupcake for a Strawberry and Carrot Cake. I really want to try the Lavender Earl Grey Tea Cake next Sunday. I also stopped at Trader Joes for some fruit. 

After some eating, reading and people watching. I headed back to Trader Joes to grab my groceries for the week. I got some good stuff! Apricots and Nectarines are such a lovely treat this time of year. I also got some other fun things for my lunch this week. I went home and did laundry (the bane of working in a food factory is the flour that gets everywhere) and went for a run in my new shoes. They make such a difference. Real running shoes vs. whatever was on sale at Payless is a major difference. The support and how my ankles feel after is a world of difference. I lost like 15 seconds of time on my mile, just due to how nice these shoes make my ankles feel. 

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