Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nude Bras for Chocolate Girls

Since I knew what a nude bra was, I wanted a nude bra for under white or see through things. I never could find the right colored one for me though. I would usually just wear a tank top underneath because a "nude" bra is basically a tan bra on me.  The other problem I have is I have a very small band size to a large cup size - I'm talking I wear a 32D or 32DD at certain stores. I went on a quest one afternoon to find the bra of my dreams. I started in Nordstrom, where I tried on every nude bra and had no luck. Either it was tan and too light or deep chocolate brown and too dark. I went to Pink, where a cheetah print bra almost looked nude but in the light, you could see the spots. After some discussion with the Pink ladies, they suggested I check the actual Victoria's Secret. I went in and found my bra! It's a T-Shirt demi bra in Mocha Marl.

Basically, this bra is the bomb. It's soft, smooth, and comfy. I also love that it is not a push up bra because I do not need my boobs up to my neck all the time. I also like how it's almost like a no frills kind of bra - just what I need for everyday use. I cannot wait to wear things without my ever present tank top! 

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