Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Style Influence: Kate Middleton

I wanted to start a series on Style Influences in my life. I love to take inspiration from everywhere and these women have it all going for them! Expect me to post these on Wednesdays - at least every two weeks if not every week!

I know when you get a girl crush on someone because they dress so great. You like wait to see what they wear for public engagements or even when the cameras happen to catch them out casually. Thats who I feel about Kate Middleton.  The Duchess of Cambridge. Mother to Baby George and Wife to Prince William. I cannot tell you how much respect I have for this woman (she's college educated and worked in fashion) and how much I love her style (clean, classic and simple). There are 3 main reasons that I love her style.

She knows what fits her well and sticks with that.

Kate Middleton has a tall slim body shape with a small waist. She always enhances her waist creating an hourglass shape. when wearing something tighter, she sticks with things that fit close to her body showing off her shape but not too tight. Skimming is better than skintight.  She also always wears a heel (unless a flat is appropriate) and it makes her legs look great!
Takeaway: Dress for your shape and highlight your best features. 

She's not afraid of color.
Even when the other event goers stick with black, grey or navy, Kate always seems to wear something colorful or understated respect to the host. This website has a great breakdown of the color's she worn in the last couple years.  
Takeaway: Experiment with color. There is always a shade that will flatter you. 
She's not afraid to repeat outfits or pieces.  
In many of her public engagements, she wears the same pieces over and over again. This makes her seem down to earth and it shows that classic pieces can be worn in similar ways but different looks every time. One of my favorites is this blazer and the skinny jeans. She's worn this look so many times and yet it always looks great. 
Takeaway: Invest in good pieces and wear them all the time. 

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