Thursday, July 24, 2014


After work today, Lili and I went to Ikea to look at things for my apartment.  I wanted cute functional bookshelves and nightstands if my mom cannot find me free ones for my apartment this year. I like how Ikea sets up their stores with little model rooms because this really let us see what we would need to buy or how we could use things. We walked through a ton of rooms that were not really my style but cool none the less. I fell in love with this blue cart for my room and I will purchase it if my mom does not find me a bookcase to put my things in.  Isn't the color divine?! It also rolls and I love the baskets as storage on the storage rack. 

Another thing I wanted was wall art for my side of the room. I made a couple little things but I want a big piece to hang above my bed. I really like a lot of the paintings and little things that they have at Ikea. I got a lot of inspiration from the storeroom and tried to snap pictures of what was really adorable.  I think I can make something similar for my room.  I really like the flowers in the this canvas print but I would do something with open tulips or hydrangea.  I also love the idea of a little greenhouse for fresh herbs in the kitchen. I really like fresh basil and thyme for my food. 

I am a huge goofball when I go to department stores and had too much fun in the kids section.  There was so much stuff for kids that I would get. Little dog lunch boxes and cute little lamps caught my eye. Outfitting any kid with a ton of toys on the cheap is gonna be easy now. I can go to Ikea and grab some really cute dolls and stuffed animals. I loved this little stuffed African American baby. I almost bought it!

After we bought everything that was cheap or under a dollar, we had dinner at Ikea. I tried the salmon lasagna. IT WAS BOMB. I would make something similar at home during the school year. Because Lili and I signed up for the Ikea Family Card we got free tea or coffee with our dinner. We also got some percent off of the items we bought which was awesome! I got a bunch of cute things for our apartment including salt and pepper shakers, some guest bathroom napkins and a nice clear bin to keep my dry food under by bed safe from bugs. We ended our trip with some frozen yogurt and getting lost trying to get out of the parking lot. 

Overall, I missed going to Ikea and it really like looking at home stuff there. It makes me get creative with what I have to make something really cool in my own spaces.

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