Friday, September 12, 2014

Garlic and Basil Wheat Berries, Chickenless Tenders and Sauteed Arugula and Peppers

I really am trying to eat healthy this year because I find that it helps boost my immune system. The only thing is that sometimes it gets boring and I have to create new dishes to make my palette happy. This was an experiment but I really loved it and will make something similar again this week.

What You Will Need:

Trader Joes Chickenless Tenders
A bag of Arugula
2 large red peppers, cut up
A cup of wheat berries and 1.75 cups of water

Garlic and Basil Dorot cubes
Garlic Salt
Crushed Red Pepper Flake


1. Start the wheat berries right away! They take almost an hour to cook. I boiled the wheat berries with 2 basil cubes and 2 garlic cubes and a little salt. I stirred them occasionally to make sure the spices did not stay at the top.

2. While the wheat berries were cooking, I baked the Chickenless tenders in the toaster oven so they were nice and crispy! They take about 20 minutes and you should flip them about half way through.

3. While my protein heavy parts were cooking, I made the veggies. Saute the cut up peppers first, adding arugula as there is room in the pan. Season with salt and pepper. I started this about the same time the wheat berries were done so it would all be hot!

4. Combine on the plate and enjoy!

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