Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Few Recent Buys

I've been trying to make my wardrobe more mature. Even though State College is a haven for girls in yoga pants, I really try to dress for class like I have a meeting (which is pretty true). 90% of the time after class or between classes, I have meetings with many people in the Engineering College, other African American Organizations or with companies about funding for my club. With that in mind, I've picked up some things that make me feel a little better about my outfit when meeting with important people.

I like the baseball tee because it's really thick and it would like nice with navy khakis or jeans and a statement necklace. 
I bought this pleated bib top mainly to wear with pencil skirts and cardigans. I like the detail on the top! I won't get to play with this until later this year because I sent it to my house. I like to spend things home because I trade out what I bring to school during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.
This blouse does double duty as part of a pirate Halloween costume but as a tunic with leggings and boots.
This striped shirt is so badass and I love the sleeves. It's also navy and cream which I love! 
I've had this sweater since the summer but I shrunk my first one. I wear the shrunken one as cropped top with high waisted jeans but the new one is for a huge sweater or blazer over top. 
I love this swiss dot tuxedo shirt! I saw it on Mackenzie Horan this summer and I wanted it but not for full price. I waited and waited and now it is mine! WOO! It's perfect with jeans and pointed toe flats. I also sent this to my home to wear when my mom and I go on a cupcake tour later this year!
I already have my outfit planned because I am that excited!  
Overall, I am happy with what I bought and the prices I got them for. I really like putting my best foot forward. I'm also really enjoying finding pieces that are post-college Taylor rather than high school and college Taylor.I cannot wait until I go home for Winter Break and go through everything! I love getting rid of things that are not my style anymore.

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