Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Spirit: College Edition

Maybe it is the child in me but I love Halloween. I love it so much that I put this silly sign on the door in my apartment. The candy, the spooky spirits and the costumes make the Halloween season, specifically at school, one of my favorites. It's my last year in college and I am taking advantage of everything that school has to offer including dressing up in costume for class, to go out or even just in my own apartment. Costumes can make or break your Halloween weekend so I've got a ton of advice about how to decide on a costume and then to make or buy it. 

When deciding on a costume, a good tip I  got after my freshman year is  to always pick something I feel comfortable explaining or having my parents see. I think that most things can still be sexy when done tastefully and still be super fun! The sexiest costume I ever wore was a school girl costume my freshman year. My midriff and legs were out but I kept a lot of my body covered with socks, a moderate mini skirt and a longer button up shirt. I always think of this way: If those pictures end up on Facebook or your school website, would you feel comfortable? I sound like an old lady but it's really true. 

The other thing to remember is that you can do group costumes or couples costumes but make sure your own part of that is fabulous. I know that some people get caught up in the matching thing and do not make sure they look awesome. BIG mistake. My one friend last year loved her couple's costume of Beauty and the Beast but kept saying "I could have added this necklace!" or "Wouldn't a pair of gloves have been awesome to complete my look?" Halloween is not just about hanging out with your group of friends or boyfriend but making your own Halloween special and unforgettable. 

Most of the time, I make a costume rather than buying it because I have a ton of clothing and way too much time on my hands. The major thing that everyone should do to make easy costumes is have a lot of primary colored things. I find that you can pretty much be someone from any decade or any cartoon character if you have the same color shirt and pants and one defining accessory. Some easy costumes include is Where's Waldo, a Cat,  a school girl or librarian. One costume I came up with is a pirate. I have over the knee black boots, leggings, a white blouse and I am going to tie a red scarf around my mid section. All I need is an eyepatch or a pirate hat to complete the outfit. 

When buying costumes, be aware of fit. Some places do not let you try it on in the store so I always measure myself with a fashion tape measure before I go to order something online or go to the store. I know I am a 4-6 in most things so I can get away with a small but I usually get a medium to make sure I do not show too much leg. This year, I ordered one costume. It's a flapper inspired dress from Forever 21 and headband to go with it. I measured myself twice before I ended up with a medium and I made the right decision. It fits awesome and just enough drape like a real flapper dress would have.

Halloween is one of the best holidays to celebrate in college. Be safe but kill the costume game. 

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