Thursday, January 1, 2015

It was 2014 and it was great - Recap Video

2014 was awesome and as I said I learned a ton! I put together this little video to share with you all and I am so excited to share it today!

I also wanted to say that I have two main personal goals besides my 101 in 1001 list. I try to keep things super light and fun but I wanted to get a little personal this week with my goals for the year. Everything you set as a goal comes from a place of love for yourself or hope to make yourself better and I think that is awesome and personal and shouldn't be mocked (saw some crazy nonsense on Facebook this morning and felt I needed to say something!)

My first goal is to be happy. I want to find that inner peace and happiness that I found in summer of 2014 from yoga and actually sleeping (!!!) and take that everywhere with me in my heart. Be that kind of happy that makes you smile when you wake up and excited to take on a day. I want to learn to see more positive outcomes that ever before because this world is harsh and you need to smile or you will cry. Lastly, I want to see more happiness in the people around me and foster that in their lives as much as possible. I have people in my life who are awesome and I am so lucky and I want them to be as happy as they can be even when I don't agree with their choices 110%.

My second goal is to be more friendly. I am a pretty friendly person once I break the ice with pretty much anyone but I don't always extend my hand first unless it is a professional situation. I really want to work on diversifying my friend portfolio. Basically, more people who like what I like - yoga, museums, traveling and good food. People to help expand my horizons - speaking different languages, getting over my fear of heights and things like that! I also want to help broaden their horizons as well - I'm an expert on whipping up a quick meal, baking a cake or laundry (thanks dad). I also want to keep my good friends from over the years. I cherish their wisdom and love.

Let's make 2015 rock, people.

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