Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Not Really but Kind of Big Change

Recently, I've been thinking about the direction that I want this blog to go in. I've been writing this blog for a long time now - almost 1.5 years! It's been a great outlet for everything have come to love - my major, fashion and trying new things. I find as I am maturing that engineering pervades my thinking most of the time and I wanted the name and style to reflect that. The name has changed from A Twist of Nerd to a Hint of Nerd. It's not big but to me, it is super important. Maybe in a couple years, I will change the name again but for now, I am totally digging this!

Besides a name change, there will be an upgrade to the content here. There will be more engineering advice, how I use my engineering skills in daily life - even on odd things and more posts about women in engineering or college career and beginning career advice. There still will be a large lifestyle portion to this blog - more focused on outfits, travel, and a little bit of yoga. There is a blog redesign in the works as well! Stay tuned and thanks as always for reading!

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