Wednesday, February 11, 2015

End Zone Summit Takeaways

The theme of the summit this weekend was engineering your future to build your legacy. Naturally, engineers believe that you can plan your future to build a reputation and career that you love. I totally agree. There were 4 main workshops that I really enjoyed at the summit.

The first workshop I attended was a workshop on legacy. The main point that I took away from this workshop is that your legacy is something you have to consciously build by the way that you act, the things you choose to do and the way you make people feel. There are many children who watch you like your cousins, peers that look to you and adults that see you as the future. You have to make sure you make good choices with logic and heart at the same time.

The second workshop I attended was about life lessons in purpose. Our organization lives by a mission that I probably have quoted multiple times but it was an interesting lesson in the history of African American scientists and people who made this the diverse country that it is today. NSBE was started in 1975 and had like 100 members while today we are 30,000 strong! That makes me so happy!

The third workshop I attended was on professional advancement. It was really interesting because discussed race in the workplace. The main takeaway that I had from this workshop was to win at anything, you must study the game, understand the game and then play the game. The speaker related a rotation in France for work. Before he got there, he read everything about France and the french language. While there, he tried to understand the culture by immersing himself in their culture. Lastly, once he got comfortable, he was able to really enjoy his time in the country.

The last workshop I went to was about a future on fleek! This was my favorite workshop because the speaker was really hype and relevant to life of the students. The one big takeaway that I wanted to share from this workshop is that you cannot preach about something and not have your life together. You are really doing yourself a disservice to not live the life you advocate for during the day. For example, NSBE is about academic excellence at the core but if the executive board has a 1.5 GPA, they are not living the goals of the organization. I, as the president may go out all the time to spend time with friends but is that really impacting the community in the best way? Could I use my time more wisely? She really came for everyone's life in the best way and made me reevaluate some of the things we advocate for in our chapter of NSBE.

As my term comes to end, I want to make sure that I am really living by these things in my life and enforcing them in my organization because I want everyone to live a good life and have an awesome career, not matter what they choose.

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