Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Study Snack // Smarties! They are super sugary but so cute and easy to pack in my backpack or purse. I also really enjoy Jolly Ranchers and Werther's Sugar Free Candies to study. I like to eat while I study so I keep the snacks either fresh veggies or sugar free hard candy to keep the calories down. 

Favorite Purchase this week // Radishes from Trader Joe's! I love trying new things from Trader Joe's. In the refrigerated section, they keep bagged veggies. I bought the trimmed radishes, baby zucchini and sugar snap peas this week to snack on for lunch. I always thought that radishes were gross but I love the peppery taste of them dipped in hummus or by themselves. Definite buy again :] 

Favorite Article this week // I love trying weird things off Pinterest for beauty but I love that this article explained the science behind the treatments. The body and nature interacting is so cool! 

Coolest Tech Gadget I've Seen // A smart suitcase with a built in scale, battery pack and locking mechanism that is controlled with the phone! 

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