Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ColourPop Lipstick

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned ColourPop lipstick in my Friday Favorites post and I had to share about my experience with them!  Colourpop Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand based out of LA. They are famous for their lipstick and eyeshadow all over the YouTube scene because everything costs $5. They have every color under the sun in their eyeshadows and basically the same in the lipsticks. All the lipsticks have matching lipliners. They also just introduced blush!  My roommate KW had a couple of their lipsticks and I had to try it out as well. They have free shipping after $30. I picked up 6 LippieStix and I am obsessed! 

I got Ellarie, Brink, Heart On, I Heart This, Bossy and Bichette. I really like pinks and reds with my skin color but with my next order I hope to order some more purples and nudes. I've swatched them below to help anyone who is looking to try these lipsticks! They are creamy, pretty long lasting, and the pigment is great. One or two swipes is all it takes to be perfectly matte. I'm still pretty new to makeup but I can say that these are some great quality lipsticks - on par with ones I have paid $10 for in the store. 

My favorites so far are I Heart This, Bossy and Ellarie.  Aren't they perfect for a night out?

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