Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Let's Talk Pants, Pixie Pants that is

Something about all this cold weather has got me in a style rut. I have tried and tried to make fun outfits but sweaters and jeans with tights underneath can only be so fun. Enter the J. Crew Pixie Pants. I have these pants with the snap front and zip pockets in both black and navy. I just recently treated myself to the normal kind which I bought on EBay for a steal - like 65% off the price on the J. Crew website and they had never been worn with tags! I love Pixie Pants for so many reasons but there are three main reasons I think every girl should have a pair (or two) of these awesome pants. (Mom and Jordan- these might be your birthday present besides other things - they are that great!)
1.  They basically suck all of you in with the elastic top and back zipper. As you zip yourself in, you can just feel yourself looking skinnier. I really like that the top is elastic, too. It reminds me that I have to wear longer shirts with this pants because they are like leggings.

2. I really like the length - I have the tall length pants but I could even go with the regular - they are that long. When you first get them, they are almost too long but after a spin in the dryer when you wash them - they are the perfect length. They scrunch up when they hit me right where my ankle meets my foot and you can tuck the bottoms up for a shorter more ankle pants look!

3. These pants make me feel fancy. The material is stretchy, soft and smooth. They look like really nice pants but look like leggings. I wore them to the bar the other night and got no less than 5 or 6 compliments because they are dressy but in an understated way.

I read about Pixie Pants for a while on various blogs but I honestly thought they were too expensive for leggings but now owning some - I totally agree that the price is worth the quality of the pants and the comfort you get when you zip yourself in but look like a million bucks.

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