Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blue and White Weekend 2015

This past weekend was my last weekend as the Official NSBE president and my last Blue and White Game. It keeps hitting me that I get to leave this wonderful place and start in the real world - day by day, event by event. The weekend started with the annual NSBE Endowment Banquet. WE had a ton of our chapter come out as well as our advisor and one of our sponsors. 

I had to give the State of the Chapter address. I talked about a lot of things that we did that were awesome this year and some things to work on! It's really exciting to see how many different new things that we brought to our chapter and will continue to get to the chapter. I also won the Ms. Impact award because I made an big impact on our NSBE chapter this year and that almost made me cry. It was so good to end my term with all this happy energy and I cannot wait to see what my best friend does as president! That night, I had engineering girl powwow with some of my friends and some awesome hard cider because we did not want to be hungover for tailgating on Saturday :] 

Saturday started with mimosas and waffle tacos at KH's house. I was so excited to try something different and she knows how to throw down in the kitchen! (Thanks a million times, KH!)

After eating, we went tailgating before the game and it was awesome! I got to see a lot of my favorites and meet parents and family that came up for the weekend. There was plenty of food and alcohol dispersed with water because day drinking is an art at Penn State.  

I wore a dress because that's how I dress for football games. It is an old one from Old Navy tied with a ribbon from Abercrombie. My little bag is from Kohl's and I had on some white Tennis shoes from Walmart because they are cheap and I don't care if they get messed up! 

As with any tailgate - there is a ton of sitting in truck beds, drinking shots out of ice luges and dancing. I went into the game for a little bit at the end because I wanted to be in Beaver Stadium one last time as an undergraduate. It was bittersweet but my friend SS got this awesome shot of me and the Lion happened to be coming by. TALK ABOUT LUCK! That night I went to Liberty -a beer bar that I will have to do a review of - it was that awesome. I hung out with new friends from a club I am in and we had a blast playing Heads Up at the bar! Overall, I had a great time this weekend and it really cemented a great year with a great last Blue and White Game. 

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