Friday, June 12, 2015

Why Stress Baking is not a bad thing...

Relieving stress is so important. Stress is something that can creep up and mess up your daily life. I know in school, I would literally not be able to sleep when I was stressed. This would cause me to drink a ton of coffee and this would make me not sleep well at night until all of the work I had to get done was done. My last semester was pretty good for me in terms of stress but at the end of a week with a ton due, there was nothing better than baking something and then watching some TV or reading a book. Even weekends when I would normally go out the whole time, I would spend time recharging my batteries with mindlessness after all of the mindfulness. With a ton of things looming over my head, I'm in a state of stress again. Moving across the country for work, going to China and making sure I have enough time to get comfortable in a new city are all very real things for me right now. Today, I had to sit back, relax and remember that I will be fine and always make it through. Baking does help with that though ;)

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