Friday, July 3, 2015

Shanghai: Day 2

After a great night's sleep, we headed to one of SJTU's campuses in Shanghai to take the shuttle to the Engineering campus. The school is surrounded by a gate and all of these rad statues. 

Since the bus was late due to the rain, we had a chance to walk around the campus a little. Below is the oldest library on campus and we saw students walking around in it. They still use it to this day. The city of Shanghai has a tree they claimed in their honor. They are planted all over the city and have these huge fragrant flowers that were blooming while we were there! 

This was a war memorial on the campus of their college that looked totally rad. For the day, I had on an old Old Navy dress, a matching gap cardigan and a tassel necklace from EBay. 

Once we arrived at their campus, we had a ton of things to do! We walked over to the engineering building and had to pay for the rest of our tour. I had wired money ahead of time and that streamlined the process for me a little bit!

After a morning meeting, we had lunch at one of the nicest restaurants on campus. The lazy susan style of dining was new to me as well as using the chopsticks. I didn't eat too much because I struggled with the chopsticks but I tried frog and snail for the first time! 

After lunch, we all practiced our presentations for the next day. The success of their program and the implementation of a global project for the rest of the engineering college was based the success of our showcase. 

Gauhkar and I nearly died because we had 18 presentations to get through and they din't give us a lot of caffeine at lunch. Once that was over, we headed to dinner on campus at a one of the more expensive student dining places. It was a blast! I tried some Chinese beer that reminded me of Natty Light to be honest. 

The cream looking thing in the picture below is loosely translated as rice creme. It was one of my favorite things I have ever eaten. With all the spicy food, it cooled your mouth so nicely!

After dinner, we got coffee, tea and ice cream. This is green tea soft serve and I love it. There was a lot of green tea flavored things on the trip but this and oreos are my lasting favorites. 

We had some time to kill for the shuttle, so we took a tour of their library. It had these cool self checkout machines, an area devoted to Confucius and different decor on each floor for optimum studying. They also had chinese Vogue, which made me happy to flip through! 

After this, we sprinted to the bus with no time to spare. It was raining and a hot mess but we made it home. It's one of my favorite memories of the trip. 

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