Monday, July 6, 2015

Shanghai: Day 3

YAfter a great night's sleep and a great breakfast, we headed to campus for the showcase. In a crazy snafu with the shuttle, we got stranded in Shanghai and had to order two cabs to take us to campus for the day. The taxi ride was insane! The driver drove in the middle of two lanes and sped everywhere and dropped us off at the complete opposite side of campus from where we needed to be! 

We found our way to a bus stop and took the bus to our location in the north east section of the map. We were in the south east area! 

After we got our table all set up and practiced again, we all took pictures with our presentation area. I am wearing an old Old Navy Dress, J. Crew Schoolboy blazer and Madewell Flats. It was the perfect mix of professional and cute. 

After we practiced a million times, we headed to lunch but not without a selfie!

After lunch, we started presentations. I snapped this picture when I slipped out for a quick makeup touchup. All 18 projects were super interesting and way more complex than I even understood. The interesting thing is that all of these projects had foreign teammates. SJTU also partnered with KTH, another university in Europe for these projects. The 7 of us on the trip were the only foreign teammates who made the journey to China. There were three professors - two from KTH and one from Penn State. 

After the presentations, Our sponsor took out to dinner at a very famous dumpling place. As a pescetarian, I didn't enjoy the famous dumplings but everything was delicious! After that, we went back to the hotel and hung out before going to sleep! We had a huge day ahead for our last day in Shanghai! 

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