Monday, August 17, 2015

Beauty Haul - Late Summer 2015

This is a post that I wanted to do for a while because I really like doing my make up and I really want to share what I've been buying lately so others can be fly as well. Disclaimer: I mainly purchase things from ColourPop because I love their quality but I do love other brands like Rimmel or Iman!

The swatch above is the ultra matte liquid lipsticks from color pop. They completely sold out in like one hour the first time they were sold on the site. I didn't end up getting any site was so excited when I saw that they were available again.

On the left is Avenue - deep red, in the middle is Tulle - cool brown pink, and on the right is Bumble- warm pink. My favorite is Bumble and I've been wearing it constantly because it matches my bottom lip which is actually pink vs. my top lip that is brown. Avenue is pretty with a light colored clothing and kind of vampy eye makeup. Tulle is perfect for smoky eyes because it isn't really bright but has an impact. The lipsticks wear really well and stay put when you first put them on because they dry to an almost powder finish! 

Above, I have two new lippies from ColourPop! The top one is Topanga - a warm pink and the bottom one is Bichette - classic red. Both are super smooth to apply and last a pretty decent amount of time! I've reviewed the lippies before but I can honestly say that for the price, these are the best lipsticks I've ever used.

I also got some lippie liners from ColourPop. The top is LBB, the middle is I Heart This, and the last one is BFF 2. I already own LBB and I Heart This lippies but I wanted to get the liners so the last longer when I go out. BFF 2 is supposed to be used as a base liner for basically any color because it's the same tone as my skin. Actually I got the idea to order it from Ellarie, who is the one of my favorite beauty bloggers. 

I also picked up some eyeshadows. From the top: Hammered - an olive green, Nillionaire - gold glitter, Mooning - deep brown, and Hustle- an eggplant color. I am so excited to do a smokey eye or use Hammered as liner! The eyeshadows are super soft in texture and almost like putty on your fingers. I would use a brush to put them on and not your finger for a really precise smokey eye. They are highly pigmented and you do not need a lot to make a high impact look! 

Last but not least, I picked up some Sally Hansen miracle gel nail polish. Actually, I painted my toes on the trip to Arizona and it hasn't even come off at all!  The polish didn't chip on my fingernails for at least four days. I think it's a really great investment if you buy the topcoat and the other colors because the wear on it is amazing! I will always be loyal to Seche Vite but I definitely have a second close favorite in this polish set/brand.

Hopefully, you have some happy shopping and some even better makeup looks!

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