Friday, August 28, 2015


In my quest to eat at all the notable restaurants with friends, i invited my landlord to brunch the other day at Ghyslain. The place is French and fabulous with some of the best chocolate in the States. They have won many awards on their chocolates in years past so it was kind of awesome to try everything out during brunch. 

We started with coffee and tea. I got a black currant tea that was awesome and my landlord got some coffee. She said it was strong but delicious! 

After coffee, we got our meals and boy were they delicious! I got the vegetarian crepe and she got the veggie pot pie. I enjoyed my dish with chunks of artichoke heart, spinach, tomato, feta and hollandaise sauce.

To finish off, I picked up some chocolates for after my workout that were to die for! Some of the chocolates pictures above are seasonal but all of them are awesome! 

If you come to visit, this is the perfect brunch place. If you hit it before the after church rush, you will be so happy you missed the line and your brunch will be divine! 

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