Monday, April 25, 2016

Six Sigma Black Belt

I am so lucky to work for a company that supports my dreams and goals. I have wanted to get my Six Sigma Black Belt ever since college! It's a process of solving problems by reducing variation in the process. And it is all based on data and statistics, my two favorite things! I took a class with Purdue University's Manufacturing Extension Program and completed my first project. It was not the best project to start with due to the complexity but now I know that I can use these skills anywhere! 

As an engineer, any type really, having a background in statistics is invaluable. Knowing how to run experiments and analyze the results can get you ahead faster than anyone could predict. Statistics allow you to see the relationships between process parameters (inputs) and the final product which is not always clear! Something very small could be causing a ton of variation and you would not even know! It's absolutely crazy how fun it can be to solve problems using SS but I love it! Anyone interested at all should at least take a Green Belt class which teaches the process but not the math for those not inclined. In the meanwhile, I'm going to write a Six Sigma for dummies post soon 😎

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