Wednesday, March 1, 2017

101 in 1001 Round 2

After my first 101 in 1001 where I completed some of the tasks I've always dreamed of in life, I am ready for a new one! 

Completed: 55/101
Home: 10/101
  1. Settle into my big girl apartment.
  2. Decorate a bookshelf full of my travel stuff and books.
  3. Find a couch or chaise lounge that I love.
  4. Figure out how to store my makeup in a more cute way!
  5. Buy my first piece of adult furniture. Bed and Mattress from Amazon
  6. Find the perfect bookshelf for all of my treasures. IKEA Kallas for the win!
  7. Create a gallery wall.
  8. Frame some of my travel souvenirs.
  9. Figure out my design aesthetic. - Part 1
  10. Get fresh flowers once a month. Trader Joe's in Winter, Farmer's Market in Summer

Friends: 10/101
  1. Take a girls vacation! - Miami in March 2017
  2. Visit KW in Arizona. We are headed to London in May!
  3. Visit GW,OE, and KH in Washington D.C.
  4. Visit BB in Cincinnati. Visiting at the End of March!
  5. Visit SK where she ends up after graduation (Washington DC)
  6. Take an online coding class with a friend. Code School with J.
  7. Make a new friend in Italy. Laundry Mat Rebecca, coolest person ever!
  8. Create a new tradition with my high school friends.
  9. Create a new tradition with my college friends.
  10. Stay in a hostel somewhere in the world and make a new friend.  Venice with Grace!
Family: 10/101
  1. Spend a day at a science museum with my little cousins.
  2. Spend a day at the spa with my mom. Went to Sojo Spa in EdgeWater 
  3. Spend the day in a new city with my mom. Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the Third Ward
  4. Spend a day with my dad in the city.
  5. Spend a day at the golfing range or gaming with my dad.
  6. Make a new type of cuisine with my mom.
  7. Spend a day with my grandpa, doing whatever he thinks would be fun.
  8. Create a new tradition with my little sister. Sister Dates when I'm Home
  9. Get my extended family on my mom's side together once.
  10. Get my extended family on my dad's side together once.
Style: 10/101
  1. Create a mood board of what my ideal style is. - Done
  2. Do a closet purge before leaving for Italy.  Done and Posted!
  3. Pack my clothes into two suitcases for 6 months! Seriously, so hard! 
  4. Figure out the differences between European and American work style. - Done
  5. Find the perfect midi skirt. - Done - J.CrewXDrake Giraffe Midi Skirt 
  6. Figure out the perfect work week travel capsule. - 3 pants, 3 tops, 1 sweater = best!
  7. Find a new black tie event worthy dress.
  8. Finally wear a fringe dress I've had forever!
  9. Do a 30 day, thirty piece challenge. 31 Pieces in 30 days - close!
  10. Find  the perfect silk blouse for work and play. J Crew Silk Blouses are amazing
Travel: 15/101
  1. Visit Rome. - November 2017
  2. Visit Florence. - November 2017
  3. Visit Paris.
  4. Take a trip to a ocean destination.  - Trieste, Italy
  5. Take a trip to the Northwest like Portland or Seattle.
  6. Visit a Scandinavian country: Norway, Denmark or Sweden. August 2017
  7. Visit an eastern European country like Romania.
  8. Visit my maternal grandmother's tomb stone.
  9. Play blackjack in Vegas. Went to Vegas and didnt gamble 
  10. Attend a bowl game, college or maybe even professional.
  11. Visit 3 national parks! - I've been to three national parks in Italy!
  12. Visit Mount Rushmore.
  13. Visit someplace in Africa.
  14. Attend a fashion show or walk in one!
  15. Visit the UP in Michigan.
Yoga: 5/101
  1. 1 month of everyday practice.
  2. Book a yoga retreat or weekend. - Possible Retreat in September!
  3. Do a sun salutation in the morning before work every day for a month.
  4. Work towards a handstand or a handstand press.
  5. Find the perfect sports bra for yoga! Old Navy Sports Bras are amazing.

Cooking: 9/101
  1. Learn to make mole from scratch.
  2. Perfect my homemade pho recipe.
  3. Learn to make my own bagels.
  4. Learn to make real Christmas cookies, with the cookie cutters.
  5. Learn to make my own bread. This recipe is the bomb!
  6. Make a gingerbread house.
  7. Make homemade marshmallows.
  8. Bottle my own wine. Took a wine-making class - August 2018
  9. Take a beer making class or understand more about the brewing process.

Bartending: 10/101
  1. Create a cute bar cart area in my new apartment!
  2. Learn to make a good martini.
  3. Learn to make two variations of the Manhattan.
  4. Learn to make a classier version of Jungle Juice. 
  5. Perfect my French 51 recipe.  Done
  6. Learn to make two different tequila drinks.
  7. Learn to like White Russians or Black Russians. With fresh cream, only!
  8. Learn to make 3 different blender drinks.
  9. Create my own Bloody Mary Recipe.
  10. Make a cocktail with bacon.

Learning: 11/101
  1. Take a horseback riding lesson.
  2. Learn how to take better photos. 
  3. Take a self defense class. Free Class in Brookfield by WAC!
  4. Learn to code better than I can currently. -Code School - SQL (done), Python(IP)
  5. Learn to ballroom dance.
  6. Learn to ski better!
  7. Learn to snowboard better.
  8. Learn to travel lighter. - Carry On Only besides trips more than 1 month!
  9. Learn to get stains out of everything. Getting this printed for the laundry room!
  10. Take a knife skills class. - March 25th, 2018 at Sur La Table
  11. Learn how to sail, from someone knowledgeable.

Personal: 11/101
  1. Get the tattoo I've always wanted.
  2. Ride a motorcycle.
  3. Donate blood again.
  4. Drive a really nice car, like a Porsche, for a little while.
  5. Dance in the rain with someone I love.
  6. Get a facial. March 2019 at The Knick Spa
  7. Go camping for a weekend. Went camping in Northern WI - July 2018.
  8. Have real picnic in the park. At Chill on the Hill and Jazz in the Park - August 2018
  9. Trapeze.
  10. Bungee Jump.
  11. Sky Dive. - March 2018

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