Sunday, April 23, 2017

Month Long Trip - What I Packed

Last Wednesday, I left for a trip to SF! I am here for  5 weeks for work. My work wardrobe in SF is way different than at the plant. It is much more casual and i leave the house for the day so I must dress for all events I would like to attend. I wanted to share what I packed for the 5 weeks and give some insight into some work travel outfit choices that make your life easier!

I've packed 9 pairs of pants. The bottom row are the Athleta Destination pants. I love them for work or play. They do not wrinkle when packed and the bow tie on the top is adorable. The middle row has my more formal pants - some Old Navy khakis, J. Crew olive green dress pants, and Lululemon black sweatpant dress pants. The top row is all Gap jeans - one dark skinny, light boyfriend and dark flare jeans. I always try to pack different color bottoms - the only repeats are black pants and dark jeans because they tend to work better for work functions.

For tops, I also try to pack a variety that work with the pants but also can layer nicely.  in the bottom row, I packed one company sweater, two merino wool J Crew Sweaters and 1 Uniqlo sweater tunic. The 3rd row has all of my formal shirts - one peplum button down and 4 button blouses. In the second row, I packed two silk like shirts and 2 peplum t-shirts. The top row is all t-shirts - two company t-shirts, one 3/4 quarter sleeve white shirt and one long sleeve striped tee. All of these work nicely tucked into flare pants or draped over my skinny pants/jeans.

For extra pieces, I like to pack a pair of Pixie Pants - thick nice leggings. I also packed a pair of metallic leather leggings to go out in, and two skirts - one black leather and one blue suede. I tend to wear all black when I go out so the leggings and skirt should go with the tops I have packed. I also packed one black wrap dress for any surprise formal events.

I pack my toiletries and makeup and unmentionables in these bags. They are so nice and if I need to remove things for an overweight bag at the airport - I usually grab one of these out to reduce weight.

For shoes, I pack flats that are comfortable for a full day of walking and a pair of rain boots. Not shown are the heeled sandals I will bring and will wear on the plane. Shoes are a great way to add some texture or color to an outfit.

Last but not least, I pack a backpack for weekend trips, a long champ for rain or extra things, two jackets and one vest. It is good to be ready for all kinds of weather.

And that will all go in my suitcase - a 25 inch Delsey Chatillion Checked Bag! I will do a post of what I pack in my carry on bag very soon.

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