Friday, July 27, 2018

101 in 1001 Update: July 2018

I am slowly but surely crossing things off my 101 in 1001 list. I have 2-3 things from the list planned in August and will make a blog post on those soon! In the meanwhile, check out my adventures of the past few months.

Take a beer making class or understand more about the brewing process.
When people come to Milwaukee, it is obligatory to take them to a brewery as Milwaukee is the city of breweries. I took my best friend to Lakefront Brewery - arguable the best brewery in town. They started gluten free beers, organic beers, and some nifty fruit beers before any other craft brewer got into the market. I love taking the tour and learning about how beer is made - each type has different recipes, different fermentation times, and tastes which is such an interesting experiment to trial and taste. I cannot wait to learn more about beer in other brewery tours!

Take A Self Defense Class 
I took a free self defense class and it was really helpful to me. When I was in Europe, there was an incident with a racist man that really scared me. I wanted to take some self defense classes to make sure that I could always defend myself. This free class taught us a lot on how to get out of wrist grabs and how to use your body weight to get free of an attacker. I booked 3 jiu-jitsu classes in the upcoming months to keep working on these skills and get them to be as second nature to me as fighting can be to a pacifist. 

Attend a fashion show or walk in one!
Once a year in Milwaukee, there is a Beauty in Bloom Fashion show, where all of the outfits are made from flowers. The tickets sell out very quickly but with a little bit of luck and lot of checking the site, I snagged a standing room only ticket and got to watch the show. It was amazing to see what the floral arrangers were able to do with flowers. The woman in the picture not only had a fabulous walk, but an awesome outfit. She has dress with a train, all made of flowers. I cannot wait to go next year if I get a chance. 

Create a cute bar cart area in my new apartment!
When I first moved got permission to move in to my apartment, I bought this cart to use as a bar cart. I love to display all the interesting alcohols that I have collected in my travels or new finds at the local grocery stores here. Every time I have friends over, it provides us libations, liberation, and lots of laughs as I can pretty much bake a cake with anything on here to enhance the flavors. 

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