Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Imperfect Produce: A Healthy Eater's Dream

About 6 months ago, I started getting an Imperfect Produce box once a week. The premise is that you choose everything in your box from a set list of items and your choices are delivered to your house once a week for a fee. I spend a lot of money on produce due to living a very healthy lifestyle so I figured trying the service was worth a shot. It was a complete change to my food routine - moved Meal Prep to Monday, no more going to the grocery store for veggies 1-2x/week, and more organic food in my life. And I was hooked after the second week.
I usually get about $20-$25 worth of produce and I eat it all by the end of the week. I get very creative with my lunch meal prep and dinners. In the above photo, I took some of the contents of the box in the first photo (carrots, kale, mushrooms,  and tomatoes),  ground them up with spices, and stuffed it into the peppers - so good!  I chopped the cucumbers into a salad and will snack on the fruit at work this week.  Each week, I get to try something new or different (pomelo = weekly fun choice) while supporting food that could have gotten wasted from going to a dump. While there are some critical review of the service, especially that the feeling that all of the food could go to a food bank, I chose to support it as it lowers my vegetable bill for the month and exposes me to new foods and creative ways of cooking.

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