Sunday, October 6, 2019

Favorite MKE Places to Volunteer - 2019

In 2019, I wanted to make service a bigger part of my life. I started to look around the community at places that needed volunteers and give my time to better where I was living. So far this year, I've donated about 150 hours of my time and am very thankful to have gotten to meet some new cool people and try some very different things. 

MPS Science Fair 

I signed up to volunteer at the science fair months in advance but had no idea what would await me. There were kids from 1st grade to high school with a love for science and enthusiasm to match! It was hard to judge as there were many great projects but anything that added a little art made me smile the most. If there is a science fair in your area, check it out because you will not regret it!

Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Being between a river and lake means that a lot of trash seems to accumulate in our waterways. I love volunteering for this twice a year clean up and making sure that the environment is clean for generations to come. I've noticed that in my daily life, I pick up more trash when I see it as I know it isn't good for the local wildlife or flora. There are many cleanups around most towns so jump in and watch your community flourish. 

Discovery World

I started volunteering in science museums when I lived in Charlotte and I cannot stop working at them! Discovery World is a place where kids and adults come to learn about science in all forms. I've volunteered with the Girl Scouts, making candles, working a gala, and many more valuable experiences. I may have not always know how to do something in the beginning but by the end, I felt proficient and had a great time learning with the children.

Urban Ecology Center

The Urban Ecology Center has a really big place in my heart because I have learned so much working with them on weekends. Once a month, they work in the areas surrounding their facilities to ensure that invasive species do not kill off all of the native ones. I've pulled out countless weeds and learned how to plant new things as well. It's worth a try for a couple hours of hard work with some really neat people!

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