Sunday, September 1, 2019

10 Healthy Practices I Do Daily

My friends make fun of me for a lot of my new age healthy habits. I will say that that sometimes they seem a bit weird but I can honestly say that the 10 in this post have really positively benefited me in my daily life and I will keep talking about them until people try them as well! It's important to take care of our bodies and mental health so here are some things I do that make my day!

1. Tongue Scrapping

I got a tongue scrapper at Lee from America's suggestion and it is a game changer! It keeps your mouth super clean and your breath fresh for a long time. I have a stainless steel one so that it can be disinfected easily. I usually scrap in the morning and before bed.

2. A Glass of Water in the Morning

I am the worst about hydration so drinking water in the way to work rather than coffee has been super helpful in hitting my water goals daily. Most days, I will have a sparking water or a large glass with lemon and challenge myself to finish it before I get to work.

3. At Least 1 Piece of Fruit a Day

I eat an apple or orange a day at work and this has really reduced my vending machine usage. It is healthier than a candy bar and I like knowing that I can save the calories for something I really want later in the day.

4. Sitting on a Bouncy Ball at My Desk

I have had this ball for 4 years now and I love it. It forces me to sit up straighter which is very good for my posture. I also use the ball the stretch during the day and it makes sitting for work a lot more comfortable.

5. Getting Up Every Hour at Work

When I wear my Apple Watch, it reminds me to stand once an hour. This has been really good for clearing my brain and checking on small tasks that need to be done around the plant. My goal is to stand every hour without prompting but for now, this is a great medium to keep moving during the day.

6. Listening to a Podcast While Commuting

My dad has always been a big believer in podcasts and now I am converted as well! I listen to Youtube Videos or podcasts on the way to work every day. It sets the tone for learning and gives me some topics to talk about throughout the day. My current obsession is How Stuff Works or the Freaknomics podcasts.

7. Working Out or Moving for 30 Minutes

In the summer, this is easier to achieve due to my love of being outside. During the winter, I purchased a small stepper to walk while watching TV and I love it! Moving makes me feel happy so getting this in everyday when possible is crucial.

8. Drink A Glass of Kombucha Every Day

I tend to avoid dairy and yogurt so kombucha gives me my daily dose of probiotics. I love the brand above pictured and buy the bigger bottle when possible to help the environment.

9. Exfoliate Regularly

I love a good mask as my skin can be acne prone when not taken care of properly. I tend to use acid based masks or rice powder cleaners to ensure my skin is smooth and acne-free.

10. Use Lavender Oil To Help Fall Asleep.

My coworker got me a diffuser for my birthday and I love it! I use a calming oil mixed with the water before bed and it helps me sleep very deeply. I highly recommend to anyone who can be a light sleeper or who likes a little white noise to sleep.

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