Wednesday, January 1, 2020

101 in 1001 Round 3

For my third 101 in 1001 list, I wanted to focus on mainly things that can help me grow into the person I would like to be by the time I am almost 30. Some of the things have rolled over from my previous lists but there are a ton of new goals that I am excited to play around with in the next 1001 days. I am going to document most of the goals on this list like my previous ones so please follow along.

Beauty (10/101):
  1. Create a cut crease eyeshadow look.
  2. Learn how to contour better. 
  3. Create a monochrome look for a night out.
  4. Wear a bold lipstick everyday for a week.
  5. Wear a bold eyeshadow look every day for a week.
  6. Try something different with my hair everyday for a week.
  7. Create a brightly colored eyeliner look - love it on Instagram so I should try it. 
  8. Paint my nails at least twice a month.
  9. Play around with a different hair color.
  10. Consider getting another ear piercing. 
Blog (5/101):
  1. Work on changing my blog from Blogger to Wordpress. 
  2. Create a new layout for my website. 
  3. Create a new design and header for my website.
  4. Create a portfolio for my volunteer work on my website. 
  5. Learn how to add more moving elements to the website design.
Career (5/101):
  1. Find and work for a company that aligns more with my values. 
  2. Present at a conference about a topic I feel comfortable speaking about as an expert. 
  3. Volunteer with older girls (late high school, early college) more regularly in STEM. 
  4. Work on posting on LinkedIn once a week. 
  5. Work on connecting with my network more often. 
Cooking (10/101):
  1. Make a gingerbread house.
  2. Learn how to use royal icing on the cookies well. 
  3. Learn how to decorate a cake.
  4. Make homemade marshmallows.
  5. Perfect my homemade pho recipe.
  6. Perfect my white bean chili recipe.
  7. Make homemade jam with pectin.
  8. Make homemade sourdough bread.
  9. Make a different shaped pasta - not ravioli or fettuccine. 
  10. Make yogurt from scratch.
Friends (5/101):
  1. Visit GW,OE, and KH in Washington D.C.
  2. Visit KW in Arizona. 
  3. Visit KN in Germany.
  4. Visit BB in Seattle. 
  5. Visit CJ and MN in Chicago again. 
Family (10/101):
  1. Spend a day with my dad in the city.
  2. Spend a day with my mom doing whatever she wants to do. 
  3. Spend a day at the golfing range or gaming with my dad.
  4. Get my extended family on my mom's side together once.
  5. Get my extended family on my dad's side together once.
  6. Spend a day with my grandpa, doing whatever he thinks would be fun.
  7. Spend a day at a science museum with my little cousins.
  8. Visit my uncle at the UN again - preferably when it is nice out. 
  9. Visit my grandmother and aunt in Florida. 
  10. Visit my sister in her new condo when everything settles down. 
Homemade (10/101):
  1. Make homemade candles for gifts and home use. 
  2. Make and bottle my own wine using my wine kit.
  3. Paint a set of pictures for my bedroom. 
  4. Sew some pillows or blankets for a homemade gift. 
  5. Frame a set of pictures for use in the bathroom.
  6. Replant my plants again due to great growth. 
  7. Reorganize my home every 6 months for optimal storage.
  8. Create my own spice mix for chicken.
  9. Create my own spice mix for meatloaf or meatballs. 
  10. Create my own spice mix for baked goods.
Skills (20/101):
  1. Learn to ballroom dance or salsa dance. 
  2. Learn to ski or snowboard better.
  3. Learn to golf better - use the driver, complete my swing, and hit longer shots. 
  4. Learn how to make beauty products at home - mainly deodorant. 
  5. Learn how to take better photos. 
  6. Learn how to code well in one language and take a certification exam.
  7. Take a horseback riding lesson as an adult.
  8. Take a essential oils class. 
  9. Take a lesson to learn how to ride a motorcycle.
  10. Take a trapeze lesson.
  11. Fold clothes using the KonMari method.
  12. Learn the art of Story Telling.
  13. Learn how to tie a tie quickly.
  14. Learn how to do simple embroidery.
  15.  Alter a piece of clothing to work better for me. 
  16. Learn how to change a tire.
  17. Reseason my cast iron pans. 
  18. Learn how to drive stick.
  19. Learn to declutter.
  20. Create a good cleaning schedule for my home.
Style (11/101):
  1. Wear skirts and dresses more often.
  2. Wear heels or nice shoes more often.
  3. Write a post about the effect of wearing feminine clothing on my life.
  4. Create a 10 piece travel wardrobe for three days of travel. 
  5. Complete my color analysis - I think I am Deep Autumn or Deep Winter.
  6. Figure out my Kibbe type. 
  7. No Non-Essential Buy for 6 months, extend to a year if it go well.  
  8. Document my outfits for the blog more effectively. 
  9. Purchase more ethically made clothing if purchasing. 
  10. Work on use of my non signature jewelry in outfits. 
  11. Figure out how to make wearing my AppleWatch more fashionable. 
Travel (15/101): 
  1. Visit Paris or Amsterdam. 
  2. Go back to Italy again. 
  3. Visit the Tate in London again.
  4. Visit an eastern European country like Romania or Croatia. 
  5. Visit an Asian country other than China. 
  6. Visit my maternal grandmother's tomb stone.
  7. Attend a bowl game, college or maybe even professional.
  8. Attend a designer fashion show - doesn't not matter how famous.
  9. Visit Mount Rushmore.
  10. Visit 2 more national parks. 
  11. Visit someplace in Africa.
  12. Visit the UP in Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota. 
  13. Go to all the museums in Milwaukee. 
  14. Go to all of the main art museums in NYC. 
  15. Go to 3 new breweries in Milwaukee. 


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