Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Lesson Update: Driving to Another State to Catch Up
One of the restaurants we ate at for dinner
This Monday, I drove to visit my roommate in Bethlehem, PA. It's about an hour half to two hour drive depending on the traffic in New Jersey. I have never driven out to PA before. New Jersey driving is very fast paced and shifty while PA driving is fast but way more relaxed. It was a little nerve-wracking but totally worth it. I got to see my roommate, see where she grew up, and what it's like living in PA. I just got to relax and rewind before work this week. We went shopping and ate all sorts of good food. Her parents are so nice and her parrot was hilarious. Watching that thing do circuits in its cage and then stare off into space for a while is so amusing. I also got to see my best friend! He's such a little frat star and a gentleman. He paid for me and KW to eat dinner when he totally did not have to do that! But it's AV, so arguing with him is like talking to a brick wall. I'll totally get him back by taking him out to dinner or mailing baked goods for his birthday.

Anyway, it was really good for me to practice something that makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I've really been trying to embrace the Take Chances lesson that I made for myself this summer. It's actually becoming really enjoyable.

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