Thursday, May 22, 2014

Interior Design: Mason Jars

Mason jars make me happy. They fit a ton of food and can be used as drinking glasses, wine glasses and storage containers. After reading a bunch of books on chemical interactions in the body, I try to avoid heating up food in plastic. I usually carry my lunch in a glass container - a mason jar or pyrex to avoid chemicals. The extra weight in my backpack also gives me a workout. It's totally worth it though.

I really love the idea of mason jars in the home but I don't like when they look a little country chic. I prefer simple elegant uses of mason jars if being displayed in the home. Here are some of my favorites I've saved from various internet sources :] 

No words. Just perfect.

That's how I store most of my dry goods.
I love how the mason jars in the photo are very minimalist
and yet they sort of add a whole extra level to the room.
More mason jars with flowers. And a wine glass... So cute!

I always tell everyone that I want an herb garden in my kitchen.
Fresh basil changes the food game for everything.
I like how clean this is and yet really rustic.
I would most likely make decal labels or something for a more clean finish. 

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