Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Doughnut Plant

Before coming back to school, I visited my grandfather in Brooklyn. As a end of break treat, my mom and I stopped at Doughnut Plant. It required a jump out - I jumped out the car at the light as my mom drove around because there is no parking in downtown Brooklyn. We also got a little lost. It was a typical Taylor and Mom adventure. I always appreciate that she tries all my weird obsessions with me! 

The store is adorable! It blends into downtown Brooklyn really well. The whole shop is full of donut shapes, from the seats down to the concrete of the steps having little donut circle imprints. The logo design and branding is so well done. 

I had the vanilla and blackberry donut, my mom had the creme brûlée donut seed and my dad had a carrot cake donut. The Vanilla Blackberry was light and the jam is really tart and fresh. I would totally buy a bottle for toast and things. I tried a little of my mom's creme brulee and it was to die for. It tastes just like creme brulee that I had at Stage Left when I was 16. I really recommend trying that one if you try any at all. 

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