Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Power of Shoes or Ode to the shoefie

I don't know when it started but I started taking pictures of my shoes before it became popular. I didn't post them because my friends would think I was insane but I loved the idea of people seeing how I step in the world - taking a step in my shoes. Since several shoe and floor instagrams have became popular, I have slowly started posting them but keeping my instagram relatively plain.  

I love shoes. My mother instilled a love for shoes from a young age and yet as I am 22 and living in the full-time world - I get most of my fun in outfits from my shoes. something about plain outfits with bursts of color just works for me! Shoes are also the same size all the time when my butt doesn't get with my fitness program (does that happen to you too?). Shoes have always been something that represents my style to a T but never overpower my outfit. 

Working in manufacturing means that I spend a lot of time in steel toe boots that make my feet hot and sweaty. This year, I splurged on two pairs of Ferragamo flats that I found on EBay that have changed my life. I used to think that expensive shoes were for sissys but I can honestly say that they are more comfortable and break in to be like slippers. They have to be resoled every once in a while but overall, they are a solid investment for a girl who can't spend more than $200 on a bag.

In conclusion, if shoes are your favorite - spend your money and get exactly what you want! Take picture of them and show them off to the world because the view from your eyes everyday is exciting and waiting to be shared. 

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