Saturday, January 30, 2016


These past few months have been such a transformative and transitional time in my life that I really haven't had time to dedicate to this space like I should. Now, that I feel that I'm in a stage where some of the transitions are slowing down, I wanted to share some of my experiences with everyone that has really stuck with me and read this blog. Being in a rotational program, moving to a new city, and navigating the world of post college friends and dating has not been an easy road. Not that I need it to be an easy road but it would be nice if things could go a lot more smoothly. The bumps make us who we are and yet while in the moment, it feels like an eternity to ride it out gracefully.

One of the greatest things in my life that I have really learned to appreciate lately has been my friends from all of my travels and experiences. I am so grateful for the people who I've clicked with in the past few months because they have literally taught me the most about what I deserve in life, what I need to ask for, and how to handle situations I've never had to deal with in my life. It's crazy how situations at work can make you second guess how you handle things, how people can be so shady that it boggles the mind, or how fast you learn to do what you want to do versus what people want for you. But friends, they have a way of making sure that you stay true to who you are and those kinds of people deserve to be in your life. Cutting out people who don't appreciate all that you are or that you do for them can be hard but it's necessary for you to grow into the person you want to be. It's like exfoliating your network - you have to rid yourself of dead skin for the new skin to shine through.

Dating has been something that I don't talk about much on the blog but I've decided to share more because this is what the twenty-something experience is all about right now. You have people who already have kids and have gotten married at 22 while I own no furniture and move every 6 months. You have men who cheat or lie about their relationship status when it's cruel to hide someone who is supposed to be a big part of you. Don't get me wrong, there are some great single guys out there... but I am pretty sure but our generation has made finding them more like needles in a pile of trash. I never let anything discourage me for too long but I'm tired of our generation pretending like they don't worry about it every once in while. Email me if you want to chat more about it!

In the end, I'm learning to take care of myself better with prepping meals on Sundays and working out 4 days a week. I'm growing at work attending a global council meeting with some of the higher ups at work and pushing myself to learn German even harder. I'm flourishing in my relationships with friends and family. There is so much to be happy for in life that the rough patches can be sanded away with the right attitude and tough love. I'm going to attempt to blog once a week but if not, know that my email and instagram are the best ways to contact me. Until the next post, keep on engineering your own life to be great!

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