Monday, June 17, 2013

Life Lesson: Stay Grounded

In life, some people can get above themselves. A lot of good things can come your way and it's up to you to stay grounded and be humble. Being humble to me means appreciating what you have and not trying to be greedy for more rather doing the best at where you are in life. I have a great job for the summer and I am learning so much, but my mom always knocks me down a notch when I get a little self righteous about telling people how to do things. It's good for to have her because she helps me to stay grounded as I am learning everything in my company. One of the richest men in my company is one of the nicest and humblest men I have ever met. He is an IT genius, one of the best in his field, and yet you would never say a bad word about him because he is so nice and appreciative of all that is done for him. His family and his wife keep him grounded.  The lesson I want everyone to work on with me is remembering that everyone is doing their best in life and we need stay humble in all of our endeavors. Having someone that will knock you down a peg helps.

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