Friday, November 1, 2013

Keep Smiling.

One of the TAs in my IE 305 or Product Realization for you non-Penn State IEs sends the funniest emails to us. He always writes something silly at the end like "have a nice sleep" or "dream big". A couple weeks ago, he wrote "keep smiling" at the end of the email. My friends think he's a little creepy but I think he intends well. "Keep smiling" was his way of telling us to get through the toughness of our midterm and through a sucky week of classes, exams, quizzes and homework. It was his weekly affirmation to us to do something awesome.

Daily affirmations are an important thing to me. When I wake up, I try to thinking of a couple to give my day a theme and sort of put me in a good mind set. Sometimes throughout all of the struggle and strife in our lives, we need to remember how to keep smiling. If you forget, there's so many things that can take you out of your good mood and just ruin you for a day or even a week. Your own personal daily affirmation doesn't have to be keep smiling but pick something that helps you get through your day in the best way possible.

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