Friday, December 13, 2013

A Thought: The Ultimate Rules

While on Pinterest, I found this little quote of the Ultimate List. It just struck me so much that I had to share it with everyone. As finals approach, every college student is freaking out and studying too much and not sleeping at all. I can't jive with this. My sophomore year fall semester, the semester that I did that whole no sleep, so much coffee studying was the year I did the worst in my finals ever. In the grand scheme of life, taking an hour break to walk, eat with friends and relax is not that serious. It rejuvenates my mind and helps me to get back on track. I also think of it as a reward if I put in enough work, I can still have fun and do well on my finals. That's why during finals week and during any week with exams, I do not stress too much because ultimately, I am trying my best and I am learning valuable life skills even if I do not get 100% on the final. Life is too short to get gray hair from stressing. (I know because I have a patch that I got from that crazy year and haven't gotten one since.)

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