Friday, May 23, 2014

My Life (According to My Phone)

It's been a real two weeks. Even without school, I find something to busy with in my daily life. Working everyday, coming home to NJ and seeing everyone I love. Here's a peek into the past two weeks. 

Best ice cream sandwiches I've had in while!

Avocado Toast is so good. I am on the bandwagon.

M&Ms for being first in the library,
 Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks from my first work training on my last day of work
 and my favorite drink <3

My coworkers brought me lunch because it was my first day back.
They are the sweetest!

I love skinny pants. In my defense, they are all for work!

Matcha, Stripes and Straw. 

Cupcake Magician Yummies!
Best Whole Foods Purchase: Coconut La Croix. It's so good!

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