Saturday, May 24, 2014


When it comes down to it in life, I just want to be happy. I want to be loyal in the relationships I've made. I want to support everyone I love as much as I can. I want to eat healthy good food and enjoy good wine. I want to brunch on Sundays, wander through museums during the week and learn as much as I can. I want to read books in the park and watch plays at night. I want to keep fresh flowers in my home and get a puppy - something medium sized and sassy. I really want a fufilling job and a good group of friends wherever I end up after graduation.

These are all things that I want. It's important to want good things for yourself. It's only bad if you aren't content with what you have. I'm content with my life now as a college student. I work a lot, both for my jobs and my organization. I have hilarious friends and great meals at home. I have a lot of fun dressing up for events and learning how to do my makeup (I'm actually terrible at it). I did not have to go through the struggles my parents went through (thank you mom and dad). I'm pretty good at cooking, sewing and understanding science articles. I am content in my rate of growth as a person.

This post is sort of a grateful after speaking to a friend ramble but I have a point. In life, we will always want. That is in the nature of humans. The most important thing to remember about wanting is that you need to be content with what you have before you want. If you aren't content, your want becomes greedy and that's really dangerous.

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